This Woman Is Right — Stop Telling People Who Aren’t Ready To Be Parents To Have Kids

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — All the time, we see news about kids who suffer because of irresponsible parents. And, this woman completely tackles that issue from an interesting angle.

On September 18, Internet personality Christianee Porter took to Facebook in a passionate video about child-free living.

While several people become parents by accident, Porter says that people shouldn’t criticize those who choose not to have children before they’re ready.

Check her video below.

WARNING: The following video contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Mirror-UK published a report on this very topic last year. They interviewed different parents to get perspectives on the subject. One commentator mentioned as follows.

“I don’t regret the person my son is, although I wish he didn’t receive so many of my adverse traits. I do regret the fact that I have done such a lousy job parenting him – he deserved more than I was able to give him.”


Nevertheless, since she posted the video, she’s received various comments about her remarks.

Facebook user Nicole Sim mentions as follows.

“Sure, parenting can be challenging but its the most rewarding investment one can ever make, planned or not. For the lit child free folks, it’s all fun and games till you’re old with no one to look after or care for you…don’t call my kids.”

To this, Porter followed by pointing out that several elderly people are left alone in nursing homes, seemingly neglected and ignored.

In addition, Porter says: “If I’m lonely I can get a service dog, if we’re talking about ensuring I have someone/something to help me when I get older.

All in all, Christianee Porter’s video has received nearly 4,400 shares, 2,200 comments, and 9,900 reactions via Facebook.

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