Black Don’t Crack: Mother Of 3 Photo Goes Viral

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We, as Black people, have been through a lot. You can’t deny that. And most people who have been through things in life, it usually shows up on their face, in their skin and just their who demeanor. But others, simply seem like they don’t age at all, hence the term, “Black don’t crack.”

In this latest edition of Black Don’t Crack,” the picture above of four stunning beauties is supposedly a mother and her three daughters at a wedding. But the thing about it is, you can’t really put your finger on which one is the mother. The picture quickly went viral with people taking their best guess as to who the mother is. Now, after over a year circulating around the internet, people are still guessing.

So we ask you, who do YOU think the mother is? But, before you make your final answer, take a look at some additional photos of the beautiful family below:

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So before we tell you which one we think is the mother, let’s look at some facts about aging in general:

Across all skin types, the aging process involves photodamage, fat redistribution, bone shifting, and the loss of connective tissue. As life expectancy continues to increase, almost doubling over the past century, an aged appearance is becoming an increasing concern.

Source: Black Doctor – Healthy Living

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