The 15 Blackest Things About the New Trailer for Black Panther

1. The screen at the 0:00 mark right before the trailer started. I know black screens are standard before a film starts and after it ends, but this black screen was an extra, deeper black. A Maya and Amiri at the Schomburg black. I saw this black and immediately felt compelled to take a shot of Henny. (AND I HATE…

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Source: Very Smart Brothas, The Root

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  1. Very good pictures! Some of the seemingly inexplicable burn patterns are due to the wind driven nature. The one picture showing a PVC clean-out with charring on it is a very good example of a very fast, hot torch of flame blasting a relatively small area. You can see in the leaf pattern around it how a strong gust pushed up against the side of the house. I had heard that many of the stumps and rotted out trees had become abnormally dry because of the drought. When you see more of them completely charred but living trees seemingly untouched that is a sign of both underground burning and how much water the living trees still possessed. The immediate flash of ground clutter was followed by the much slower burning of the dead and down trees and stumps. Those probably did not finish burning for several days.How far from the Chimney Tops, as the crow flies, were these pictures taken?

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