Big Sean talks about being ‘Blessed’ and his mental health as he turns 30

Big Sean took some time out before his birthday to reflect on turning the big 30 and the musician sent a heartfelt Instagram message out to his fans about how he plans to take better care of his mental health.

“I’m turning 30, and I don’t regret nothing that I ever been through in life. Everything made me who I am, period,” he posted a day ahead of his March 25 birthday. “But if there is something that I feel that I could have done better, and I’m gonna do better moving forward … Is taking better care of myself. Taking better care of my mental and how I feel.”


Last hours of being 29, few things on my mind

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The Bounce Back MC admits that he’s put everyone else in first place while putting his needs on the sidelines. Doing that took a toll on his mental and he says he failed to bring his best self to the table. Now Sean says he’s more in tune with his emotional and mental needs and plans to pay closer attention to the signs that signal distress.

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Sean says he’s had bouts of depression and doesn’t want to ignore the symptoms of suffering – he talked about a friend who did just that and committed suicide.

 “The point is, we’re in this together,” said Sean. “I’m not just talking about me and [my late friend], I’m talking about all of us. We’re in this together … That’s why the kids at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, I respect them because they’re making a difference. The school shooting, those are our problems. If I got a mental illness, anybody around us, we got to speak up because those are our problems.”

Moving forward, Sean says he plans on managing his life better, starting with choosing meaningful musical projects.

His fans left him encouraging messages of support.

“Happy bday big brother you saved my life with memories man,” said javon.naziim.

“Happy birthday and your message is really important thanks for sharing,” said ah_l1.

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