Top this! Black love takes center court with proposal at 76ers game


There is love in basketball.

This video of a couple took our breath away when a boyfriend surprised his girlfriend with a proposal on center court at a Philadelphia 76ers game.

The couple apparently were shooting hoops, probably during halftime when most NBA games infuse audience activities into the game schedule. First the boyfriend took shots and then he tagged in his unsuspecting girlfriend so she could give it a go.

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The host was encouraging the woman as she was missing shots left and right. But he told her to keep trying because she had time on the clock. Then when the woman finishing taking her shots, she turned around and to her surprise her beau was on bended knee with a ring.

He put a ring on it and she said yes! The crowd went wild as the commentator instigated the ordeal, screaming, “Yes” and getting the crowd riled up. The woman looks like she was ready to faint and was definitely shocked and surprised.

We’re not sure who the couple is, but we want an invite to the wedding to see how all this pans out!

Congrats to the cute couple!

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