Lottery Winner Made Sure No One Would Recognize Her — And She’s Keeping Her Job

KINGSTON, JAMAICA — Here’s a lotto winner who is ensuring her face DOESN’T make the screen. And, judging by the amount she has won, the woman has real good reason to stay hidden.

According to Jamaican Observer, a woman — only identified as N. Gray — recently arrived at Supreme Ventures to collect her lottery winnings. The source says, overall, she won J$180.9 million.

NOTE: In U.S. dollars, the equivalent would be approximately $1.4 million, give or take.

However, no one saw her face because she was wearing an emoji mask to conceal her identity.


As you are probably aware, lottery winners are often hit with money requests and every sob story ever. Well, on top of that, they also become potential targets for robbers and burglars.

According to Insider, Matt Cosgriff — a certified financial planner — elaborated on Gray’s mask choice as follows.

“I think trying to maintain a low profile and remain anonymous is a great idea after winning the lottery as it helps maintain a certain level of privacy to ensure you don’t have people coming after you asking for money.”

Specifically for Jamaican lottery winners, many are afraid to have their faces broadcast on TV or the internet. Simply put, “crime is rampant in the country,” according to the Jamaica Observer.


Reportedly, N. Gray happened to win the jackpot for her country’s Super Lotto, only six months after she started buying tickets.

She told the source she started playing the game to help pay her bills and debts. However, during the course of her experience, she had a real feeling she could win big.

“My friends always told me to keep buying and that I would win because I was always coming close, getting four numbers, so I felt confident that I would eventually find all six numbers.”

Now that she’s a millionaire, she mainly wants to use the money to “pay off debt, invest, travel, and give back to her community,” as reports Jamaican Observer.

And for now, she says there are no plans to quit her job.

“…I want to clear my debt, invest, and I want to do some traveling. I would like to construct a community center for the youths in my community, so they can engage in something productive, somewhere where they can do information technology.”


According to Cosgriff, while “paying off debt, investing, and traveling are all great ideas,” it’s not where he would start.

“I’d suggest she start by determining what’s important in life, what are the things she wants to experience, to see, and do and then work on building out a plan that can help her achieve this,” Cosgriff mentions. “This can help serve as a powerful foundation to saying ‘no’ to all the material excesses that can trip up lottery winners when they don’t have a North Star established and a plan to get there.”

As community feedback, several people agree with Gray’s method of concealing identity. Many just don’t understand why — once some people win the lotto — they announce it to the world.

“If I ever won, there is no way I would announce to the entire country who I was,” Reddit user jhc1415 comments on a hypothetical post. “Absolutely nothing good could come of that and I don’t understand why people do it.”

And believe it or not, there are several posts from people who have won, and they tell the world about it — some even show the winning ticket.

All in all, major congratulations to N. Gray on her winnings, as well as her emoji mask.

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