Chikesia Clemons Found Guilty Of Disorderly Conduct In Waffle House Arrest

Chikesia Clemons, the 25-year-old woman who was violently slammed on video by police outside of a Alabama Waffle House, was found guilty of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest during a late night trial on Monday, reports.

According to WALA , the hearing took place around 6 p.m. and ended around 10. There were a total of six witnesses, three from the city and three from the defense.

Jude Mark Erwin sentenced Clemons to 10 days in jail, but the outlet reports the judge may reduce her sentence to one year of informal probation. Erwin also ordered Clemons to pay a $200 fine.

Clemons’ lawyer Marcus Fox orally appealed before the end of the hearing. In an interview with WALA he said they would possibly take the case to  the made an oral notice of appeal before the hearing was concluded. In an interview with WALA he said they were disappointed but hopeful that an appeal will produce a different outcome.

A Thursday tweet from Clemons’ twitter account verified that her legal team filed an appeal in the ruling.

Erwin ruled that Clemons was found guilty due the facts of the case, which he argued were within the legal definitions required to find someone as guilty. Erwin also said the ruling was not in any way connected to the strong range of emotion surrounding the incident.

Clemons’ arrest went viral in April after a video surfaced showing her lower body exposed while a white officer violently slammed her to the ground. The incident occurred after Clemons inquired about plasticware for her meal.

Scores of protesters traveled to Alabama in the aftermath, urging for equality in the wake of her violent arrest.



Source: Black America Web – News

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