#ParkingLotBarbara: White woman calls police on Hispanic mother sitting in car with her child



A nosey old battle-axe earned herself the title of #ParkingLotBarbara after calling the cops on a Hispanic mother who was minding her business while sitting in her car with her baby waiting for her husband to finish shopping, Yahoo reports.

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While many called the woman’s actions racist, the meddling granny defended her choice to call the cops by saying she was concerned for the woman’s infant, who was strapped in the back in a car seat.

The snooping woman said the baby looked like she was in distress because the sunrays were hitting her. But again, the mother was sitting IN the car, likely with the air conditioner blasting.

The California mom whipped out her cellphone and recorded the upsetting and heated exchange which went viral on Twitter, earning #ParkingLotBarbara her new name.

“Because you told me it was ‘None of your business that your child is in pain,’” the woman says at the beginning of the video.

“She’s not in pain — she’s sleeping in her car seat,” the mother said. “What are you doing? Tell everyone what you’re doing.”

Barb then told 911: “I have this child here in this car at the PetSmart parking lot and the sun is kind of beating right at the baby’s face in the back seat. She’s still in a little car seat, I don’t know how old he is.”

The woman lied and omitted the fact that the mother was present.

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“In the car with her!” the mother yelled out. The woman answered, “No you’re not, you’re out here yelling at me.”

The husband finally appears and the mother explains: “She says Elsie is in pain…because she’s sleeping in the sun…” the mom said.

The old woman continued on her call: “Now she’s outside yelling at me. She wasn’t in the car.”

When the woman saw that the husband was white, she softened her approach which pissed off the Hispanic mom.

“Oh, because he’s white? Because he’s white, it’s OK because he’s here now?”

The woman replied:

“Because he’s acting sane — you’re screaming at me.”

“It is my business when I mistakenly think the child is in distress.”

The husband demanded that the woman admit she was wrong. The woman replied: “Yes, I can see that she’s OK now.”

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