Happy Birthday Al Sharpton! Iconic Photos Of The Good Reverend Fighting For Black Lives

'Justice For All' civil rights march on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C.

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The Rev. Alfred Charles “Al” Sharpton Jr. was turning 64 years old on Wednesday, achieving a milestone within a lifetime filled with multiple other milestones that have been centered on fighting for the rights of Black people whose voices would otherwise go unheard. The world-renowned minister and civil rights and social justice activist has been in the business of making sure that Black lives matter for nearly 50 years.

Sharpton preached his first sermon in 1958 at the age of 4, before he could even read or write, according to CNN. From there he went on to found several social justice organizations, including the National Action Network, run for a variety of political offices including president of the United States and become one of the most prominent faces within the ongoing movement for Black lives.


Sharpton’s involvement in high-profile cases involving African-Americans dates back to the infamous Bernard Goetz subway vigilante case when a white man shot several Black youths trying to rob him in New York City’s subway in 1984. Since then, the Brooklyn native has been at the center of dozens of clear miscarriages of justice against Black people, including the killing of Eric Garner, who was choked to death by a New York City police officer for the nonviolent offense of selling loose, untaxed cigarettes.

In honor of the good reverend’s birthday, take a look at the below photo retrospective of Sharpton’s much-needed lifetime of service to the Black community. Happy birthday!

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