Black N.C. man convicted of resisting arrest in Waffle House attack by police officer

A rural North Carolina jury has convicted a Black man of resisting arrest after a video of a police officer attacking him at a Waffle House went viral.

Video of Anthony Wall’s arrest on May 4 and of Warsaw, N.C., Police Officer Frank Moss putting his hands on Wall’s throat at a Warsaw, N.C., Waffle House went viral, prompting calls on social media for justice. Wall was returning from taking his 16-year-old sister to the prom.

No charges against Moss came out of an investigation by the state Bureau of Investigation, WITN reported. Judge Mario Perez dismissed a count against Wall for disorderly conduct.

In the video, Wall, then 22, is seen with his hands up in the air as Moss slams him against glass and throws him to the ground.

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“I’m worked up over it,” Wall told TheGrio in an exclusive interview. “I have been threatened and people are telling me what they want to do to me.”

He told TheGrio that he, his sister and their friends sat down at a Waffle House and a server came over to take their order. When they complained that the table was dirty, an argument erupted and the server called the group the N-word, he said.

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Another employee called him a f—got and began taking of his shirt to fight, Wall told TheGrio. As he attempted to leave, Moss grabbed him, he said.

Perez gave Wall a 20-day suspended sentenced and put him on supervised probation for 18 months, according to WITN. He also must submit to an anger management assessment and must avoid Waffle House property during probation, WITN reported.

Moss testified in court that he put his hands on Wall’s throat after being unable to physically restrain him, and pressed in with his thumb at a weak spot, according to the news organization. Moss testified that this move was part of his law enforcement training.

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